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The Last Outlaw is the true story of Tobe Skiens, a 23-year-old Texas buckaroo, who rides into Eastern Oregon in 1906.  He soon takes up the outlaw trail, stealing horses and running them across a 2,000-mile swath of desert country.  This is a no-man's land that remained wild and outside the fringe of civilization long after the remainder of the country has been settled and gentrified.  Tobe sells his stolen horses in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, and then turns around, steals more horses and drives them north to Oregon.  Stealing horses is the most dangerous and exciting of all occupations.  It is played for the  highest of all possible stakes-a man's life.

The crimes Tobe is accused of quickly escalate from rustling cattle and horses to kidnapping a young girl and keeping her for more than two years-even fathering a child with her-and finally the killing of an unarmed man in a cold-blooded shootout, followed by a posse giving chase for ten long weeks.  Out West here, any of these indiscretions, if a man is caught will have him dancing at the end of a short rope.

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Steber file 003Rick Steber, founder of Bonanza Publishing, speaker and the author of more than 40 books, has received national acclaim for his writing.  His numerous literary awards include the Western Writers of America Spur Award for Best Western Novel, Western Heritage Award, Benjamin Franklin Award, Mid-America Publishers Award, Oregon Library Association Award and Oregon Literary Arts Award.  Four of his books have been optioned to movie production companies.

In addition to his writing, Rick is an engaging Western personality and speaker. He  has the unique ability to make his characters come alive as he tells a story.  He has spoken at national and international conferences and banquets.  He visits schools where he talks to students about the importance of education, developing reading and writing skills, and impressing upon them the value of saving our history for future generations.

Tales of the Wild West ~ A 16-volume series in book or audio form.  These are proven winners with sales exceeding one million copies.  Each historical book contains 50 short stories and 10 illustrations.  The wide-ranging varity of titles appeals to children as well as adults.

Wild West Trivia ~ 7-volume series of travel friendly books designed to challenge and test the reader's knowledge of Western trivia.  Each book will provide hours of family entertainment and they are a fun way to learn.

Biographies, Non-Fiction and Fiction ~ The wide-ranging titles written by Rick Steber have captured a host of national and international literary awards.